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Shelby is a passionate, engaging speaker and writer. She founded The Gathering, an event designed to help women connect with God and has spoken at several other events and meetings. As a writer, her words reach millions of people per month through her regular contributions to,, and She has been illuminating God’s word for groups of women small and large for over a decade and has loved every minute of it!

With a Bible degree from Liberty University under her belt, she is able to deeply understand the Bible and share its message in a simple to understand yet profound way. You won’t get surface level teaching or tired old sayings from her. You will get fresh takes on timeless truths that will meet your women where they’re at and connect them with the heart of God.


Speaking Topics


The secret to motherhood

In the moments of motherhood when it’s all gone wrong, you will feel tempted to smooth out the rough edges of your life. You will want to make a plan to make it all better. But the secret to motherhood doesn’t lie in perfecting our lives from the outside in but in the fact that when we are weak, God is strong. In this message you’ll be inspired to:

  • Cast off the tendency to fix all the things

  • Discover that your kids don’t need a Pinterest perfect mom, but a mom who is Christlike to the core.

  • Recognize that your hard days aren’t full of problems to fix but full of a thousand tiny moments to invite God to be present with you.

Buried Beneath Motherhood

As a mom, do you ever wonder how long you can serve and love and give of yourself without shriveling up inside? Have you wondered if you have purpose beyond keeping routines in check and dinner on the table? This message will:

  • Help you see that God grows new life from buried things

  • Uncover the purpose God has in the long days of motherhood

  • Replace your fear that you are forgotten in motherhood with confidence in the fact that God has carefully planted and is meticulously caring for you in this season.

he runs after the wayward

Using my personal story of God’s pursuit of me while I ran from him, this message will relate to anyone who struggles to trust God and is tempted to try to control their own life. We’ll study the story of Elijah challenging the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18 to:

  • Discover that controlling our own lives leads to strain, scars and silence.

  • Understand that God meets us where we’re at with his incredible grace

  • See that when we call on the Lord we’re met with response and reconciliation

  • Give hope that God can and will answer our prayers for miracles.

Keep choosing faith

What do you do when your life is full of pain and uncertainty? How do you hold onto your faith when it feels like God isn’t answering your prayers? Using the story of Rahab in Joshua 2, this message will:

  • Help you recognize God’s hand in the middle of your difficulties.

  • Strengthen your trust in God’s goodness even when you don’t see it.

  • Give you perspective to see how God is using your troubles for a greater good.


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